PSE Seminar Iloilo City 2013
Subject covered: New Investors Mistakes, Services of traditional brokers, Picking the right long term stock, to name some.

It is always my belief that in choosing what company to invest for the long term, one criteria is that the company is generous of consistently giving stock dividend (and a cash div a bonus). stock divs are buffer for bear markets.

Stock Market Seminar Sept 27 2013

How to set your Amibroker to 50bband and rsi30 (thanks to senor Bulee)
Setting Up Trading Platforms the S P Y Way

How to set your Online Charting Platform (sample online platform is MAKETRADE).

SCAM – Stocks Con Artist Mined

Anatomy of a SCAM

a work in progress…. this will be my library from now on. then later on ill compile all of these into a single ebook. free obkors

all these years kung saan saan ko na lagay in diff puter mga files. *sigh*


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