Hoy PAX again

Yesterday PAX was a top gainer on a 1k shares hit order at 2.79 (kung sino ka man nilalang, maraming salamat *ngisi* ) My post is magical. As soon as i did the post, somewhat PAX became alive despita the index that time having its period. I have the power to make a laggard stock with a 3.8B CASH HOARD

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Who’s Shining Now? — And the HINT

Parabolic burst will make most of us puke. The market in a parabolic stage (usually the last leg up) will always make us comfortable, by doing the uncomfortable (okay okay i said it already in some previous post). Most notably bloom did the spectacular, thus it shines. But it’s not what I’m referring to at the moment as most have

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The story of our PAX (Upadated)

Most of you who have known me, this is such a “gasgas” story but nevertheless after watching the MP-JMM fight with my SMP comrades, I recall how overconfident I am with my picks last 1Q of 2009. Like our hero Manny, we were put to sleep by the most bulliest bull market the Philippines have on its entire existence. PAX

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