Hoy PAX again

Yesterday PAX was a top gainer on a 1k shares hit order at 2.79 (kung sino ka man nilalang, maraming salamat *ngisi* ) My post is magical. As soon as i did the post, somewhat PAX became alive despita the index that time having its period. I have the power to make a laggard stock with a 3.8B CASH HOARD

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Who’s Shining Now? — And the HINT

Parabolic burst will make most of us puke. The market in a parabolic stage (usually the last leg up) will always make us comfortable, by doing the uncomfortable (okay okay i said it already in some previous post). Most notably bloom did the spectacular, thus it shines. But it’s not what I’m referring to at the moment as most have

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The Mother of all GAPs

Few example of super gaps whose stories were forgotten. Before jumping to anything else, ask yourself what will be their market cap if they fill their gaps. For one, SUN (whose market cap stood at more than 1.2B only) will be worth 216B if gap at 96 got filled. This is for reference only. Shown in the charts however are

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