Project Lazarus Part 2

Last Feb 2015, we posted about Project Lazarus.Fractal parabolics of our local market #PSEi and $AAPL. 11 months after, PSEi climbed past 8,000 and AAPL past 130s. Now we’re back with a selected time frame for AAPL and PSEi.

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The ION – IS Thesis Drama

Since mid Sept we’ve been monitoring the ION-IS Thesis development. We’ve seen ION topped when its RSI hit the 90 levels same as what IS did. We’ve warned of its PHR (Parabolic High Risk) and the exodus that follows with it. The drama is ever present as investors felt extreme volatility brought by both fear and greed. As an IS

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PSEi – Update

Weekly Chart Burst materializing as we saw the index plummeted never experienced by new investors. This is the kind of market that will eat our guts. A market that will make us puke (ahem). Shown is the index weekly RSI’s battle ground.

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