PHR Alert – 2GO

surpass our max target of 7.30 @8.18 2go is parabolic high risk, rsi daily 81.97 7 exceeds rsi weekly 76.17 at parabolic status. slice with trail 7.50 (must hold) being the 20% from prev close of 6.25 If 2GO momentum catapults a ceiling plat, note: 50% ceiling is 9.37, normally 1st attempt near that level falters. 10% max momentum

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Parabolic Theory: What is a Paraburst?

This is a parabolic theory coined by your’s truly. Since not much was available in the net pertaining to parabolic curve patters, pls take it with a grain of salt as to the veracity of the theory. Sample charts and sharing of thoughts from this blog were all extracted from a decade of personal studies and experiences. Sharing of thoughts

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