Reference Chart – JFC & Gold – Now na?

Super cycle parabolics, its beauty, and … madness. previously we talked and warned of JFC super cycle parabolics. This is an update to our FB page and our wanting to take a piece of JFC’s action. Here’s the latest… So: Now na? So What?: See where gold bounce after the first selloff So What Now?: This is an opportunity

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Reference Chart – JFC (sell signal triggered)

Earlier we pointed out a sell signal alert for JFC. To negate the signal, it needs to spring back right away at 175. Previously we pointed out JFC super cycle parabolic which started last 2002 but felt concern after 11 years of spectacular run. Previous JFC posts below We also pointed the same pattern present in both PSEi and

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Reference Chart – JFC

Previously we hinted JFC’s pushed was shrug off by its relative strength index (RSI), suggesting bearish divergence. Thus its supposed triangle breakout got whip. last Oct 25th, we featured JFC’s Super Cycle Parabolic. A monster parabolic that started 2002. The mother of all chart patterns, Parabolics are known leapers in a stair way but a jumper in a window.

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