Forex Port

two positions in a drag but interest bearing. made a scalp on my 3rd aud/usd long. will maintain 1:20 max leverage on said positions. i still have around $700 worth of margin if needed to scalp (meaning i must cut on a losing position or set stop/metal loss).

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Forex Page – Im an Ass to Scammers

Will be updating forex page from time to time. Last time we set up trading ideas for Aud/Usd long. It was a terrible call and if not without proper risk management, it could wipe you out. I only do averaging on pairs with positive interest to lessen my losing position. Ive learned in the past that im no dumb ass

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Euro/Usd Daily Chart Guide

dear friends, euro facing heavy resistance (red line) as well as rsi resistance. but like gold there’s this underlying strength, just like what have happened yesterday. if rsi resistance break, we might see euro spike up, then maybe in your discretion, unload some for safety or profit take as our target of 1.36 level already been surpassed.caveat as always.

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