Spyfrat’s Call Official Statement to the FB Drama

This comes from the heart. Meaning walang grammar grammar.

Just a quickie note. This will take a few hours of your time, that is, if you keep on reading ng paulit ulit.
Here goes.

Let’s just skip the part about myself in order to save time. nah konting about me muna.
For 20 long years i’ve been spreading financial literacy for free. I started making a diary “now called blog” tru geocities. Social media then
was not yet “invented” but fellow traders find ways to interact tru chatting (mirc, ym, im) and posting to forums (iDS Finance). It was in the
late 90s i think that a veteran trader named dragon, put up phisix manila. when you build it, they will come, and thus traders/investors in all
walks of life interacted and viola, an investing community was born. Got my own thread at phisix manila that became finance manila. I stayed there for
some years then retired quietly only to find myself in another forum, The trader’s pizza (ang gulo ko rin ah). From TP, i was approached for a
charity project here in Iloilo last 2009 (?). Said charity was sponsored by Stock Market Pilipinas (SMP). The charity event made my thinking that you
dont need to be rich in order to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters (specially the kids). My passion to help new investors grows bigger,
thus with the help of SMP, we conducted seminars for a small fee (hati hati sa gastusin sa foods/venue). I got my own thread there as well.
For 2 decades (para maiba naman), i never charge a cent (except dun sa binigay ng mga neowavers na “token” of which parang natutunaw akong kunin).

Over the course of time, there were people who eagerly asked for mentorship. Again, i share what little i know BUT NEVER asked for anything in return.
I always believe, learning is a 2-way street, I learn from you, you to me. kung girl ang student ko, at kung nadevelop sya sa akin coz im a cutie,
kasalanan ko ba yun. btw no such thing happened 😛 #gigols

Ive lost count how many “students” i got, coz they come and go (meaning pasulpot sulpot) BUT all became my friends, although only a handful of them
i met personally.

In 2008, I created a blog (wordpress). The geocities site became dull and was closed later of which i failed to save most of my works. poor me.
Since then i blogging at https://spyfrat.wordpress.com/ and now at www.spyfrat.org (thanks to maam nancy).

I enjoy answering fan mails back then (walang siraan ng trip). Then came fb. Spreading financial literacy suddenly became the new mantra. It became
the slogan of many in 2009, the year when the bull market woke up. Various investment groups flourished and together with it, the fame and glory brought
attention to the new breeds. Spyfrat became obsolete but I didnt mind at all. I thought ill retire quietly, a dejavu.

Ive seen people giving recos left and right, people who thought that investing in the stock market is all heaven. they forgot it was a bull market.
Ive seen newbies asking fellow newbies in 2009 what stock to buy and boy they were right. in a week’s time, they both giving recos in every groups.
I became obsolete, but again I dont mind.

i continue with my own little thing. other than making charts, SMP is into warning newbies about SCAM (Stocks Con Artist Mined). We steadily exposed
various types of SCAMs and like a big brother, we continuously reminding people the destruction that goes with it. To fight SCAM and to go with the flow
of getting viewership, we created SMP FB of which i’m one of the admins. In our own little way, we give our very best to make SMP a community of informed
investors. As an admin, we abide with the strict rules of no hyping and bashing, and certainly we made SMP a scam free community. We succeeded in putting
SMP to FB in order to reach more investors BUT FAILED to entice their interest in what stock investing is really about that market can be a bitch sometimes.
We failed to keep their passion to learn despite of our hardwork in letting them to interact. Spyfrat is a failure in this task.

I never asked for fame nor glory. I never asked for any award. I never asked for a fee for the LAST 20 YEARS.

I could have said this. I’m now with bookaka premium, coz im sick and tired of giving free shit. For 20 years NAPAGOD rin ako. But for those who knew me,
you know the answer. Never the money, never. kasi ang 2k indi po pera. #gigols

Suddenly this letter pala ay hindi tungkol sa akin. It’s an APPEAL to a certain guru who used my reco and work for his personal something. Labas na ako if u charge people for mentoring them. Appeal lang, if its true that you used my being a cutie into your own advantage, pls lang po, hatian mo naman ako.. i mean, wag naman po sana ganun coz its bad. i thought ur my friend coz we exchanges ideas sa SMP. Sinira mo pangalan mo sir. I remember nun ng start ka pa lang, you have this desire to help people. Ano na nangyari dun? You even made copies of your article and u made good money from there coz you made a name for your self already. Sana inalagaan mo yun paps. Ang tingin ko tuloy, nag parabolic ka nun then suddenly nag paraburst. Nawala lahat pinaghirapan mo, all these 3 yrs or so, kinuha sa u ng isang araw lang. and for what? for a measly few hundred k bucks? kung si late dely atatay atayan magsabi, pera ba yan?

i dont know what has gotten you. i hope it’s not true. i certainly do.

Pray. Ask for God’s help. tell Him the real score. Talk to Him. and if you’re ready, chikahan mo ako.

This is Spyfrat. For 20 long years…nak ng..


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