Selected Stocks Update

Metro Pacific Investments (PSE: MPI) – CLSA buys up 2.95 to register a 10M share buying spree as of 10:06am. Deutsche, one of the biggest seller before was seen a net buyer yesterday and today at 3.5M shares.

Fil – Estate Land (PSE: LND) – Opened weak at 0.43 but interest surfaced when investors again speculate the stock is worth the risk. Possible theme of play is its renewed rumor of 2007. LND needs to take out the 0.50 level for a possible big run to occur.

APC Group (PSE: APC) – From a high of 0.62, the stock corrected to a low of 0.53 (within the 10%-15% correction from high). Currently trades unchanged at 0.55 as of 10:31 am. Crucial level is peg at 0.49

Alsons Consolidated Resources (PSE: ACR) – recent pullback from 1.08 have put rsi readings of ACR below 52 (51.80 to be exact) on its weekly chart. Coming from a steep decline from its 2009 high of 1.60, a reading of 52 to 50 (but not below 50) is oversold (in my books). The 51.80 RSI reading on its weekly chart was when ACR dip to 0.82 last Feb 19, 201o  Notes on its daily chart.

ACR weekly

BULL case scenario: V bottom pattern

HYPER BULL case scenario: Pattern within a pattern parabolic curve. What we see in the weekly is a small paracurve within a large scale curve.

BEAR case scenario: Paraburst occured already. A breakdown on its 50ma and RSI will trigger a retest of the 0.60 level

HYPER BEAR case scenario: Lots of gaps below after 0.40, filling these gaps will send ACR into the abyss.

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