for reference only.
i used rsi here as usual. the inv head and shoulder the psei is hinting is a tease. for edc, the bearish wedge it’s forming is catch because its rsi is strong and is telling otherwise. the power of rsi is not limited only to being an indicator used for overbought and oversold sort of type. its hidden power lies on the psychology, emotions and momentum of a certain stock and indices. It determines whether the rally is emotional or sustainable and the selldown as so.

edc and psei, both have same setup, only diff pattern. both have gaps that threaten as well. fortunately for edc even though the bearish wedge is forming, there’s a catch (spicy girls n cool dudes knows this) .
in psei, there’s one that i missed bigtime, its rsi. it diverge, signaling the inverted head & shoulder is a tease and the market want to suck in people to believe it is so and (as thought too it will fill the gap later) the gap will not get filled first. i got it wrong, but saw it yesterday when Miss Maria ask for an edc chart.

Here RSI is telling us that the market’s inv hs is a tease

RSI is telling otherwise on the bearish wedge

DMC top line suggest top to occur dec 20 or 21


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