Parabolic High Risk (PHR) Recap – HI, VLL, H2O, GLO, MER

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Scanning some of the stocks whose parabolics went PHR status.

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Previously last May 17
A spike today may trigger a PHR status for HI.
@ 9.15 rsi daily is catching up its rsi weekly (in parabolic status)

Recent HI Chart
Daily Chart
Weekly of HI is still parabolic at 72.12 (price of 8.94). Weekly RSI support pegs at level 70.

What is a Precedence Pattern?
Fortunately, when you do a search about “precedence pattern” on this site, there will be samples of how it’s look like. However, due to limited time, I tried to sort things out and have done a Part 1 of 3 sort of mini study about the PPs. The first part is the Precedence Pattern of Goku of which it’s not yet finished. Still same old crap from yours truly. I write, i dont finished it.


Previously last May 16
for quiet sometime now, VLL is hovering around the 7 level. flirting its way to breakout and heed higher. problem is, VLL’s parabolic is in high risk status.

Recent VLL Chart

Weekly still parabolic at 71.94 (price of 6.77). Weekly RSI support pegs at level 70.


Previously last May 10
Daily RSI exceeds Weekly RSI in parabolic status
Note however, phr may suggest a toppis stand but ive seen some stocks continue to rise who entered phr on the same week as its weekly entered parabolic status (meaning daily entered parabolic first, followed by its weekly rsi).

Recent GLO Chart

Weekly RSI at 68.82 (it did a paraburst last week).

Previously last May 7
@10.20 daily rsi > weekly rsi in parabolic status (both rsi @ 80 level).
hod is 11. now at 10.38

Recent H2O Chart

Previously last May 3
@ 380, daily rsi > weekly rsi in parabolic status.

Recent MER Chart. Must close at least 390 til end of the week. Below that, no good.


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