Reference Chart – PSEi Monthly

Earlier we tweet this psei monthly chart #PSEi 8,137×0.80=6,510 is the 20% from below from the bear line territory at 6,389 (now inside the bands) — Spyfrat's Call (@SpyfratsCall) January 11, 2016 After the bell, we follow up with this.. @SpyfratsCall psei closed at 6288.26, 20 pts shy from its low band.scanning tru old psei monthly chart,its trendlines

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Project Lazarus Part 2

Last Feb 2015, we posted about Project Lazarus.Fractal parabolics of our local market #PSEi and $AAPL. 11 months after, PSEi climbed past 8,000 and AAPL past 130s. Now we’re back with a selected time frame for AAPL and PSEi.

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