30-min Parabolic Chart of EURO/USD

One of the best pattern that a trader can imagine is to be nsync with the parabolic curve. this pattern defies all logics of the markets. parabolics are best “felt” in daily, weekly and monthly charts. There presence is most despise if one is on the wrong side of its trend.They are visible though even in short time horizon such

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Ayala to lead PSEi rally

dear friends, uploaded is the sample chart of euro/usd with parabolic and emotional spikes notes. loaded as well is Ayala Corp (PSE: AC). i’m looking that AC will lead the PSEi rally for a possible double bottom scenario. caveat. God bless always. be well, hernan ps: thanks to melo for encouraging me to this blog thingy.

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News L(!)tter – Spyfrat’s Call Shameless Newsletter (Delivered to your Mailbox, whether you like it or not)

dear friends, this is history, we’re witnessing a one of its kind uncharted definition of emotional spikes and parabolic runs. this is a technical analyst dream of witnessing. this is the bluest among the blue pattern a trader can ever imagine. the strength of the dollar against the majors except yen is so enormous,sad to say this is a vicious

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