I am offering my services to any foreign investors, institution, brokerage houses, banks and many others. For a minimal β€œhard earned living” fee of $1 only, any charts, any markets, you send i’ll gladly make a technical analysis. paypal payment. there’s no harm in trying me out. ONLY $1 per chart.

sample chart with analysis
sp500 target of 950 this may09 is still on.a free sample technical analysis at my personal blog. i believe the may 4 stress test is a non event. i think major short covering will happen as the news discount itself, leading to a spike at the 950 neck. after which, being a short term nature of the spike, profit taking will set in as investors will realized the sp500 have gone up too fast too soon.
picture perfect: driving force of the sp spike to 950 is the n0n event may 4 scenario. weekly job loss chart is in parabolic spike as well. if the paras is in wave 5 now, it will top this may09 or weaken a bit. the last study i have was in january when i mistook wave 3 as 5 with a target of may09 as the para burst. as most analyst were searching for the next bubble, i have search mine in a form of us weekly job loss.
back to sp. a wonderful inverted hs may take place after the said 950 sp spike. testing the 50ma on the daily chart, possible 800 low to mid. time element will be 3 months or so in forming right shoulder. a break at the 950 neck will mean 1k target in late quarter and possible yr end target of 1100 or near. caveat.
NOTE: Charts rendered as serviced will not be posted in this blog.

please see chart of s&p 500 on my previous post (somewhere in this blog)



    If you have a BPI account, email it to me and I am willing to try you out.

    • thanks for your interest sir/maam. if your asking for philippine listed stocks, its free, as long as i have a free time. hope you understand. i’ll email this reply to you. Thanks. Godbless.

  • the alpha male

    ey spyfrat…great blog. am new here doin t.a. have read guys like pring, murphy and magee…great stuff. i know your a busy man but would like to get together with ya to discuss my portfolio in the u.s. and in the pse. have a system in place and just wana have my charts checked by THE MAN…cheers

    • thanks for the kind words boss. love to take a peek at your port but i believe i’m too far to met you. i’m here in iloilo city. be well. Godbless.

  • Bernard Tibayan

    Sir good day! It is my first time to see visit your blog and I am very impressed with your willingness to share information to other. Can I ask for the technical analysis of AP, RLC and FGEN if you already have? Thank you very much!

  • RLC chart uploaded sir. Will try to check AP & FGEN once i got the time. Will be at the farm this afternoon. Be well and Godbless.

  • jan

    Hi, i have been a regular customer to your blog and the tsupitero blog, anyway I just want to know what’s the best charting programs available and how do i get the historical and current price and volume data from pse or other sites? and if you have time also, I have a position in px right now and I would like to know your opinion on this.

    • px is a strong stock to hold. so far it’s consolidating.

      • jan

        Thanks! good price for PX despite the dow’s decline and heavy selling. The the price did’nt go below 10. I’ll surely hold on to this, considering the price of gold has increased also. I’m looking at 12 to 15 on this one.

  • thealphamale

    ey spyfrat. was wondering if you could send me weekly charts of 4-5 lokal companies with no ANALYSIS once a month or as needed. i do my own charts, problem is i only have daily charts. currently i have a subscription from miko and his service is great. problem is i cant see the general trends of the stock on a daily chart and i might be placing a sell or buy based on a daily chart when the weekly chart is giving a different story. will gladly pay you for those blank charts. my other alternative would be to go to technistock which i find expensive. anyway happy trading

  • Harley

    Hi Spyfrat, hope you’re doing good with the farm.
    Anyway, if you have some free time, can you do your TA on the FYAP stocks? Thanks πŸ™‚

  • frederick

    hi Spyfrat, nice chart on PAX. still want to meet with ya to discuss my charts us and lokal. i dont mind going to your farm or a coffee shop near your place. i know its far and that your busy but all i need is an hour of your time. we have the same charting style but we have different price targets and would like to know your opinion on those price targets. lokal would be Benpres, Paxys, BDO and us would be Sirius Satellite, Citigroup, Alcoa and Ford.

  • Jake

    Hello Mr Spy,
    Jake here from Bacolod. May I ask if you are still offering your services (chart technical analysis)? I’m interested.
    I’m looking at 6 stocks right now… AP, EDC, FGEN, RLC, MEG, AGI…Most of the analysis I’ve been reading on right now indicate that I should just hold… but I’m going to need a bit of help to determine the levels to buy into these stocks.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanx. Jake

  • one more thing, what’s your paypal account?

  • mike

    Hi Spy,

    would be interested to see your chart on LIHC, ACR, PAX, and PEP..


  • IZ

    Hi boss Spyfrat! i’m a big fan of your analysis! ..however, some of the text on your charts are a bit difficult to read i’m afraid. I noticed you save the files in .jpg format…i believe the text would be clearer if the charts were saved in either .gif or .png format as these produce sharper images of charts… the Paint software (if your operating system is Windows) can easily save images in .gif or .png format.

    thanks, boss. Looking forward to more of your analysis!

  • IZ

    thank you very much boss, Spyfrat! looking forward to more of your charts!!! πŸ˜€

  • roiking

    Hello Boss Spy, If it’s ok, can you make an update on ORE and NI chart? Tnx a lot!

    Best Regards and God bless.

  • roiking

    Hi Boss Spy! Pwede chart update for ORE and NI?

    Tnx a lot! God bless and regards!

  • keith tannetta

    Please contact me privately ,as possibly would like to discuss using your services and signals on my up and coming website.
    If you are interested please let me know
    Kind Regards.

  • ari del rosario

    Spyfrat, I would deeply appreciate it if we could PM. My email above. Would like to discuss your services. Not necessarily stock picking or advise. More like a tutorial. At your convenience ONLY since I realize how busy are. I’m sure we can come out with something mutually agreeable. Salamat po sir. Cheers !

  • keith tannetta

    Hi ari del rosario .
    Please send me contact details i am interested in your post please send me information many thanks


    Hi i like your site, could you send me thru email if you have updates on your blog or charts? thanks

  • kimomatrix

    First blood for the year! Sir I’ve been following your blog since last year and is very much impressed. I am starting out on stocks and ANI is my personal bet. If you have time please shed some light. Thanks

    • Hi Boss K,
      ANI is consolidating sir (trading range 9.60 – 10.50). A jockeyed stock. Technicals are down. From a low of 9, ANI needs to take 10.80 to qualify for a reversal. Magic key is the 13 level. I’m curious why ANI?

  • Blogspot

    Hi Boss Spy,

    What d you think of LND’s current trend, Thanks!

  • Kamagong

    Hello Mr. Spyfrat, may you kindly send the technical analysis on AGI? Thanks

  • domecg

    hi boss spy, do u handle manage accounts? what are ur terms and conditions? thank u.

  • francis Zapanta

    Hello! Mr. Spyfrat, do u still trade forex? which do u prefer fx or stocks?–I tried fx but its kinda hard..any advice trading fx efficently sir.thanks

    • Hi Sir Z, personally i love fx but patience i dont have. im still searching for somebody out there who can automatize my concept. if you got an oanda demo account, ill set it up for you. shoot? πŸ˜€

      • A Fan

        Hi, Spyfrat. I have been a follower from pinoyexchange then to financemanila. But, I’d been out for a few years, and just got back. I don’t seem to see you hangout in FinanceManila anymore. Did you find another forum to hangout in? Anyway, I got curious about “automating your concept.” Can you elaborate a bit, I might be able to help you out. Thanks and regards

      • A Fan

        I’ll see you there, then. Uhmm, one more thing, if you don’t mind me asking, may I know why did you transfer to SMP?

        – isang pamaypay

        • i fade away boss πŸ™‚ im kinda old though to remember when exactly. then i was invited by a very kind hearted lady for a charity event here in iloilo. she was a forumer of she introduce me to commander ollie and i just cant resist here, so i post once again at TP. last year a new forum was born, the whos one mission is to educate the newbies and would be investors. πŸ™‚

  • mangdamian

    kaka spyfrat, I would like to introduce you to some classical music. Can I post it in your songs? I Iisten to it depending on my mood. thanks.

  • Savedbygrace00

    Hi sir spyfrat. It’s good to know that you are now once again actively posting in another forum. Thank you generosity in sharing your knowledge in technical analysis. I am just a small time investor trying to learn as much as I can from people like you. God bless

  • Mark

    Good Day Sir! I just bought Meg at 1.91.. Any thoughts on this? Thanks:)

  • gelvero.a

    Sir, what do you think about UBP @ 95 and EEI? can I email you about charts analysis? I’m trying to practice on my own, and I really follow your blog as reference. by the way, do you conduct seminars in manila? i would like to attend just in case. thanks.

  • gelvero.a

    thanks sir

  • t

    Hi sir spy! Im an avid reader of your blog. I need your help badly.. Please share your thoughts on DIZ and PO. I’ve been stuck with these 2 for some time already. Thank you sir and more power to you! God bless. πŸ™‚

  • spy, I would like to talk to you regarding an investment proposal. can you leave me your contact info at my email add?

  • Bryan Sales

    Manong Spyfrat, may plano bala ang SMP nga maghiwat sg seminar diri sa iloilo??

  • Bryan Sales

    wow…sana matuloy Sir Spy…i really want to learn more, 5 month old trader/investor ako…budlay mag-aral on your own…diin ka sa lapaz Sir Spy? anung building?

  • john sims

    hi sir i want to ask your opinion sa portfolio ko=)

  • john

    actually sir i want your professional opinion on the matter… pero bago lahat sir, magkano po bang ang consultation fee so i would have a rough idea. what im looking at is just a second opinion on my portfolio. can i email you about this matter sir?

  • t

    hi sir spy! any new insights on mjc and cal? thanks and god bless! πŸ™‚

  • john sims

    sir bat ang pip nag surge up? i dont know the inside story of this…

    • PIP went parabolic weekly last week ending august 31. as per my good friend’s computation, senor chanerm of FM, a price above 4.40 will bring its daily rsi greater than its weekly rsi, thus suggesting high risk at price above 4.40 a piece.
      fundamental reason could be pip’s income and their new products. also fundies love winners, it looks nice in their portfolios.

  • john sims

    sir spy any insight with PEC?thanks!

  • john sims

    sir spy are we reaching the peak? … alot of stocks tend to over shoot. is this normal or just because of the recent upgrade of moody?

  • t

    sir spy any insights on APM? please help! thanks and god bless you sir.

  • Crissy

    Hello sir, we’d like to invite you to do a technical analysis. Please respond to my email. thank you. πŸ™‚

  • Joseph

    MasterSpy, ur really a blessing to everyone. Hope u have a prosperous New Year ahead and stay healthy always! I am a new trader/investor in PSE, juz started last August. Hoping to be a good disciple of yours. God bless u always!

    Daghang Salamat!

    • Happy new year too senor joseph. Thank you so much for the kind words. God’s blessings be upon you and your family always.

      • Joseph

        If I have time, I really wanted to meet you in person MasterSpy. I believe you’re in Iloilo. Duol rata because I’m in Cebu raman.

        As a newbie in this field, I’m still struggling with my trades considering as well that I have a day job so I can’t monitor them every minute. I would like to take this opportunity to ask guidance from you, although this is too much na. I believe in this line man gud na, “Teach me how to fish and I’ll eat for a day, teach me how to fish and I’ll eat for a lifetime”. Currently, I’m reading TA on the Financial Markets by Murphy and almost done nako. I’m more on fundamentals before I started investing but shifted to be a techy type when I lost my patience some time in October last year. Now I choose those fundamentally strong stocks and selected 2nd liners and I buy them during dips. I do not do tsupits kay kadaghan nako nasunog, hehe. Now, I’m hoping to improve my strat and to enlighten me in this area MasterSpy. You may reach me on my e-mail.

        Dagahang salamat Master!

  • sharing of thoughts is my advocacy senor. you teach me what youve learn from murphy, i share with you a thing or two about rsi and bands/ma. fair enough? πŸ™‚

    • Joseph

      Thanks for giving a small part of your time Master. As of the moment, I use RSI, Bollinger Band (20d, 20), ADX and Momentum %. I admit that I’m still struggling pa but I’m learning. Medyo busy lang kasi sa work at pasilip-silip lang muna sa monitor but I’m more comfortable on position trading or swing trading ata ang tawag nito, hehe.

      I have my own style but pwede po ba makahingi sa inyo ng mga basics/rules/strats on those indicators na nabanggit ko Master?

      Maraming salamat po!

  • Jane

    Good day,

    We are interested about the possibility of posting our company’s ad on your blog. We would greatly appreciate if you could provide us with your available ad slots, rates, and if you offer any discounts.

    Please send me an email on this e-mail address Thank you for your prompt attention to our request. We will be looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,
    Ruth Jane Guevara

  • sherwin

    hello mr.spy! I would like to ask if you have a spyfrat fund (like a mutual fund managed by you)? I would love to put my money if ever as most mutual funds in the philippines are only index-linked.

  • sir spy ano ba ang mga stocks to watch out next year 2014? your analysis of sun and marc was magnificent by the way=)

    • thanks senor. 2014 lets see, if gold script, we will position dun sa 5500 to 5800 levels and be sellers again at 6600 to 6800 next yr. for a particular stock, been holding acr for 3 yrs now *gigols*. i like to position again sa marc, ng parabolic high risk lang sya. with a billion pesos profit for 2013 and a market cap of 6B pa lang, compared to NIKL at 41B.

  • charles

    Senor, may chart analysis ka ba sa BEL at LTG? gawa-gawa lang ng chart pag may time. salamat! hehe

  • Sir spyfrat, good day… ask ko lng if may schedule kyu for seminar dya sa ilo2. Thanks

    • after trading (330pm) if may makadto sa opis kag mapa mini-seminar pwede gid kaayo. may kopiko ko di. πŸ˜€
      sa small groups ok man, may mga org nga ga invite man kis a. ila lang venue.

  • sir spy, do u automate your trades? if so, what platform do you use?

    • may programmer dati na willing mag help sa akin for free but naging bz na thus hindi na gawa. we tried it sa mt4 forex platform, initially maganda results pero may gusto akong e incorporate like divergences sa rsi na mahirap e program.

      • salamat sir… may programming pala talaga.

        • yup meron boss. 2011 may nakilala akong pinoy who resides sa australia, sya yun unang ng program, pero sadyang mahirap e integrate ang idea if malayo kaso sa isa’t isa. may day job rin ata sya. i have his initial program though kaso indi ako marunong mag encode sa mt4/mt5.

  • Mr J

    Sir spy, are you from the town of Mr Mang Inasal right? Do you conduct a seminar?

    • admin

      yep senor, office here at lapaz. for seminars kamo lang organize like venue then kadto lang ko. if sa school/students pd man sa classroom.

  • fatima bourne

    The appropriate foreign exchange training should show you the
    best ways to reduce your losses and have less risks of failure.

  • Reiskie

    Can you recommend a very good step-by-step swing trading strategy?

  • Anonymous

    I was able to find good advice from your blog articles.

  • I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to achieve my goals. I definitely enjoy reading all that is posted on your website.Keep the information coming. I enjoyed it!

  • I wish i had this information before.. thank you so much

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