This what i considered my immortal songs, my all time favorites. Will add videos if i have time. Pls come back to check. Many thanks.

Here’s a short list in no particular order.
1) Christmas must be something more (Pilipino version – Proj in Fil) – CPU 4th Yr HS, vocals by Lei Adrienne, my byutipol doter

2) Honestly – Stryper

3) More than words can say – Alias

4) Looking through her eyes – Dream Theater

5) More than a feeling – Boston

6) With or without you – U2
7) In the likeness of You – Petra
8) ‘Till death do us part – white Lion
9) Carrie – Europe
10) The Prayer – Josh Groban and Charlotte Church
11) Nothing Else Matters – Metalica
12) Crossroads (Movie) Guitar Duel – Steve Vai vs Danielsan (hehe)


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