Aviso: SMP Online Charity Seminar Closing Down

Within the week, I will close The Stock Market Pilipinas Online Charity Seminar. You lolo will be focusing more at bookaka.com being a premium contributor https://www.facebook.com/groups/321440561264185/ Thank you. PS After 20 yrs of “blogging” (but retrieved data from 2003 onwards only due to geocities closure), I am on the idea of closing this blog to the public as well but

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PCOR MOC a reference

MOC is market on close BUT our trader’s lingo fo MOC here is Mark On Close because sa pre closing, may nag fo-force ng closing na pagandahin or baboyin ang closing price. Notice yun SMC and TFHI, palagi pinapaganda yun Close nya lalo na TFHI. Sa PCOR meron syang history ng MOC na sobrang taas nila pina close. Happened last

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Reference Chart – PSEi Monthly

Earlier we tweet this psei monthly chart #PSEi 8,137×0.80=6,510 is the 20% from high.now below from the bear line territory at 6,389 (now inside the bands) pic.twitter.com/n4xJc51s4J — Spyfrat's Call (@SpyfratsCall) January 11, 2016 After the bell, we follow up with this.. @SpyfratsCall psei closed at 6288.26, 20 pts shy from its low band.scanning tru old psei monthly chart,its trendlines

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