Forex Signals

Will upload more charts in’s euro/usd. very very nice signals, that is if…. if… if… edit add : Jan. 21, 2009 11:40am USD/CHF finally sell signal, was looking at parabolic curve burst for chf yesterday, reason why i held. edit add : GBP/USD chart, Jan.21, 2009 11:57am Philippine time “UK is Finished” quoted by the great Jim Rogers. Unbelievable

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Ouch, it hurts.

Very very bad call as US$ continued its beating against the majors. Early trading yesterday, i was all smiles coz i made a decent gain from my last friday’s majors long position, the thought of accomplishing my 100% return per month quota is not far-fetch as i missed trading for a week. Last night beating was tolerable. As of this

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