Reference Chart – FX

Hedge Tool. Box Option. Position opened $50 with bet of euro hitting 1.2539 until tomorrow 9:50am. payment of $183.20 if box hit. reason for opening position is the gao. hedge option: i could open a long euro/usd position of say 10,000 to 20,000 units. by doing so, if euro started to get strengthen, i have a long position. if euro

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Euro/Usd Daily Chart Guide

dear friends, euro facing heavy resistance (red line) as well as rsi resistance. but like gold there’s this underlying strength, just like what have happened yesterday. if rsi resistance break, we might see euro spike up, then maybe in your discretion, unload some for safety or profit take as our target of 1.36 level already been surpassed.caveat as always.

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