Mga Katanungan 2

1) any update sa forex port? Ansagot. more than a month na pala walang update. how time flies (asus). in my previous post, i played some silver longs. in my last forex port post. i have aud/usd long position with some loss. if you click the pic, you’ll see i have 10k and another 5k units of aud/usd.

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Forex Trading Ideas – USD/CAD

Previously last May 14 Recent Chart USD/CAD 3H Going long with tp set at 30 pips. Possible Precedence Pattern of Goku ( If so, wil lnot hesitate to add position and amend tp (or set trail) as i can monitor fx activity today.

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Forex: “Pataka” System

Pataka^  is a bisaya/hiligaynon word which means pointless or baseless. The “Pataka” system main objective is just to trade continuously, of which its main objective was revealed on SMP Forex thread. Later on, if i can find a good programmer, “Pataka” system can be modified as reversed-martingale, of which the idea is not to average down but to buy on

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