Alsons Consolidated Resources (PSE:ACR)

50Ma is peg at 1.06. Closing price is crucial. Close below means hitting a hard wall. closing above, a potential run away gap is possible come Monday. caveat.


  • charmagne

    Hello Sir,
    Thank you for your comments on ACR. I have a question concerning this since I am thinking of buying ACR on Monday.
    Since ACR closed today below P1.06, does this mean that a continuation of its uptrend is not going to happen on Monday?
    Thanks sir!

    • i wish i can know your risk tolerance to such volatile stocks. personally though if i am going to buy ACR, i’ll wait for awhile. base on the chart, ACR is in the “process” of reversing. almost there but not yet. ideally i’ll i wait for 10-15% correction (0.92-0.98) from its high of 1.08 before buying (if i see a reason to do so). 0.86-0.87 is hard core support and must not be broken. caveat.

  • charmagne

    Thanks Sir Spyfrat!

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