ACR Related News

For Karma purposes: Personal disclosure – Friends et al are heavy in ACR. Ipit.

ACR Related news. BDO rep sits in Indophil board. Hmmmm

The silent original business partner of Glencore Xstrata in Tampakan is Alsons Consolidated Resources (ACR). Recently Glencore inked a deal with Nihao and AGP to formed a JV company. If my memory serves me right, $500k on both Nihao & Agp and $1M for Glencore. If converted to peso that’s roughly 43M pesos.

ACR’s investment in Indophil runs to billions of pesos. Tampakan is own by both Glencore Xstrata (62.5% i think) and Indophil (37.50%, which also plans to do an IPO?).

ACR is a laggard stock though. Damit!

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