July 26, 2013
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Made some few scalps but still my long 10k units of aud/usd is a sore.

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forex port july 24 2013

Will be updating forex page (4X) from time to time. Last time we set up trading ideas for Aud/Usd long. It was a terrible call and if not without proper risk management, it could wipe you out. I only do averaging on pairs with positive interest to lessen my losing position. Ive learned in the past that im no dumb ass when it comes to trading, its just that i dont have the luxury of time. I wanted to earn the fastest way, thus i disregard the value of risk management.  I over leverage. Ive been wipe out, raped and humiliated the very same way again and again. Ive seen myself making my $100 capital into an empire of cash of $5,000  (my pov) in just a few months and seen how a single lousy mistake took it away. The emotional and mental torture are enormous that ive seen myself living without a soul.

Faith in God took me back. God gives my soul back. He replenish my sanity and have put Hope back in my life.

A lot of times, we told ourselves, just get me out of here and ill never come back.  But you see, we commit the very same mistakes over and over again.  Until we all have learned that mistake, we will keep on committing them.

Forex Trading. I have only one rule. DOLE. Dont Over LEverage.

Its sickening to see forex ads promising you enormous returns. When i feel sick, I resbak. This page is for you.

I trade only with OANDA. I trade by the units and not by lots (micro, mini, lots). Trading by the units will properly equip you how to managed risk. I am a very small forex trader. A capital of say $100 to $500 when traded using lots will automatically qualify you to enter the gates of hell (over leverage.)

No hiding. FX Port is as clear as ice. No erasures. No pretending.

Im no Expert. Im no  Guru. Im just a cute, nice,  lovable,  cute again and cute as ever guy trading fx with a very small capital.

Note: not shown was my 1,500 units of short position USD/Yen (with a loss of around 184 pips equivalent to $7).




July 23, 2012

Box Play EUR/Jpy

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